Don Brenton’s New Marioff Hi-Fog Distributor

Don Brenton’s named Marine Distributor for Marioff

Effective March 2013, Don Brenton’s Fire Protection has been named as the East Coast distributor for Marioff Marine Hi-Fog Fire Systems.

The HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System can be used in place of deluge, gas, foam, dry chemical, traditional sprinkler and any other type of fixed fire protection system. It is efficient against most types of fires.

HI-FOG® water mist

HI-FOG® controls, suppresses and extinguishes fires by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity. The water mist is made by the system when it activates: it pushes the plain, potable water at high pressure through specially designed, patented HI-FOG® sprinkler and spray heads. The water mist is discharged at high velocity by high-pressure pumps or accumulators.

For more information please contact Don Brenton’s Fire Protection at 1-800-296-8997 or visit

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