Marine Sector Total Package Procurement Launched in Summer 2011

Don Brenton’s begins new structure in 3rd quarter 2011

Marine Sector Total Package Procurement launched in summer 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011-Oct-01

Don Brenton’s has commenced activities October 1, 2011 with a further developed structure. This structure will be formally launched at the OTC Brazil, October 3-6, 2011, Rio Centro, Rio de Janeiro . The newly founded Marine Total Procurement Package Sector begins operation on that day, as planned.

In the future, the operating businesses of Brenton’s will be organized in the Off-Shore, On-Shore and the Shipbuilding Industry, including National Defence and Fisheries & Oceans. By forming the new Sector, the company plans to be a leading participant in the dynamic growth of Canada’s Shipbuilding Industry through the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

“We are rigorously focusing our business on growth. Our new setup will put us even closer to our maritime customers. “The Marine Total Procurement Package Sector will open up additional business opportunities in the growth market of the shipbuilding industry,” said Melissa Brenton, President and CEO of Brenton’s FDS. “Canada’s Shipyards face an enormous challenge in satisfying the requirements of the Canadian Government and their long term shipbuilding policy. We can offer them comprehensive solutions to achieve this. In order to better serve the needs of the ship design, systems integration, integrated logistics support, delivery and in service maintenance. We are focusing the new Marine TTP Sector specifically on the shipbuilding, update and repair.

In the coming days, the government will announce the “Winning Bidders” in the shipbuilding procurement strategy. Billions of Dollars will be allocated to the Shipbuilding Industry. The industry will need to build several types of ships and will require the assistance of industry in the provision and integration of major systems for those ships. The NSPS will require a revolution to traditional industry practices and Don Brenton’s will strive to meet those revolutionary requirements.

The new Marine Total Procurement Package Sector will manage the company’s marine business with Canadian Shipyards from their Halifax Head Office. Don Brenton’s is bundling its marine competencies and business activities in one unit in order to offer marine safety solutions for Fire Detection and Suppression including improved processes for environmental and energy considerations. The new Sector involves collaboration with a major Marine Design and Engineering Company and assistance from an Integrated Logistics Support Company.

Marine Total Procurement Package will comprise four principle functions; Engineering Design, Project Management, Systems Integration and Integrated Logistics Support. Under this new setup, Don Brenton’s can orient their respective businesses even closer to their target markets and, through close cooperation within the Sector, develop additional business opportunities in the growth market of shipbuilding and other maritime interests.

To take advantage of this additional growth potential, Don Brenton’s will employ a new approach for sales as well as for research and development in its ship support business. The evolution of a business plan for the forthcoming NSPS will bundle expertise for shipbuilding support involving partners in the Atlantic Region. The first part of the plan was initiated during the summer of 2011 whereby Don Brenton’s Marine TPP Team prepared a technical proposal to upgrade Naval Vessels under the Canadian Department of National Defence. The business plan will focus on developing marketing arrangements for the shipyards in the area of Systems Integration for Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. The plan will place emphasis on total package solutions for the management, design, integration, and logistics analysis and support

Don Brenton’s will meet with managers from the respective shipyards as well as sales and design engineering. Brenton’s can offer the respective yards the entire Marine TPP portfolio. In addition, they contribute their experiences to help further develop the shipyard’s portfolio for ship construction. Customer knowledge and support is a key driver for ensuring sustainable company growth and is part of the Don Brenton’s target plan.

The Marine TPP Sector and its new organization will focus on shipbuilding support and other marine industry customers. The Sector will further reinforce its industry-specific and service businesses and expand its after sales support role for marine applications. The sector will focus on 3 principle activities: Project opportunities, solution improvements and project development as well as the newly founded Continuing Customer Services.

To fulfill the specific requirements posed by large-scale ship integration and construction, Don Brenton’s will engage the services of industry specialists as appropriate to support the design of marine platform solutions. These technologies will be organized as a business unit that is directly Sector-led through the design engineering operations.

The on-shore, industry FDS Sector remains a world leading supplier of a broad spectrum of products, solutions and services for fire detection and suppression. Don Brenton’s will continue to lead in its efforts to supply total solutions to a wide range of current costumers and clients in the Atlantic region.

Allswater Marine, is a major contributor to the Brenton’s Total Procurement Package Sector and provides a full range of maritime relate engineering and design services.

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